Saturday, September 3, 2016


Inspired by Viv Stanshall's "Rawlinson" tales

The Bunkhouse Dentist

Inside back cover "Cocaine Comix #4 (Last Gasp)

FreeKluck collage

Jug Band Music

Oliver Twist Revisited


Uh...I dunno

Dreams Of Glory

Dudley the Mushroom's pencils, my inks

S Clay Wilson told me to "Get crusty!"

"Honk honk go the geese of Canada..."

"How To Train A Watchdog"
My contribution to a stickman comic

Malaclypse the Elder

The FreeKluck Buck

"Knock knock"

'Zine illo


"Nature Study"

Cassette cover

Cover for my songbook "Voices In Silence"

from "Snapshots"

Postcard #1

Postcard #2

"Spatial Delivery" album cover (ink)

Inspired by The Firesign Theatre's "Giant Rat Of Sumatra"

why not?

Science Fiction Con poster reworked as an inside cover

Illo for a piece by Kerry Thornley
I kept waiting for someone to do this

Zine illo

Envelope decoration

Doodle #4 (is it?)

"Zero the Hero" (Vive Gong)

The Discordian Tarot - Card 0
The Discordian Tarot - Card 1

The Discordian Tarot - Card 2

'In Progress' graphic novel sort of thing

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Designs for theatre poster

Poster for "The Back Alley Boutique"

Doodle #1

Cover of "Snapshots"
Ad for "Snapshots"

Doodle #2
Self Portrait, ink version
Illustrations for Jennifer F. Knight's column
"Yes And Know" in DGO magazine

#2 - Drug testing to achieve or maintain employment

#3 - Private banking in the marijuana industry

#4 - Lodging and social use in Durango

#5 - New and improved ways to imbibe

#6 -

#7 -

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